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The durability of our products is a central value for us. A HARDOY BUTTERFLY CHAIR by our company is characterized by the selection of high-quality materials as well as elaborate and accurate processing. Our clients know and appreciate that we do not disappoint in the long run especially in terms of quality. Therefore, we can always be contacted in case of questions regarding use and maintenance of your collector's item by MANUFAKTURPLUS.

Made for generations

The simple and clear forms of the HARDOY BUTTERFLY CHAIR have already inspired design enthusiasts from several generations. For about 80 years now it has asserted its legendary status without following any stylish trends. As intended by the inventors it is not only made for the eye but especially for usage. Designed as an everyday item not only its appearance but also its durability, special material properties and seating comfort are of importance. Provided these standards are being met, it is a real HARDOY BUTTERFLY CHAIR by MANUFAKTURPLUS – made for generations.


Design classic at its best

Since 2007 we have been producing and selling high-quality design products "Made in Germany" at MANUFAKTURPLUS GmbH. Together with our broad network of breeders and master craftsmen more than 15 employees have been working on new materials and processing techniques for durable and sustainable pieces of furniture for over 10 years. In addition to retail our company also realizes individual projects on a regular basis, e.g. for design hotels like the Hotel Daniel in Vienna. The idea was to preserve good design for generations and that high-quality production reflects the classic's high value – this is how Manufakturplus has come into existence. Our founder Mirko Endter says: “The joy about a durable product lasts longer than the one about a low price“.

Manufakturplus Hersteller in Deutschland

For everyone the explicit aim is to achieve final results of high quality during the whole production process. Every single product, from the popular Hardoy Butterfly Chair and the hanging chair Lounger M1 to our sheepskin collection or desk pad made of cowskin, reflects these principles. The Hardoy Butterfly Chair is a true design icon by the Argentinian architectural firm Austral dated back to 1938. Over the years it has often been copied which resulted in poor quality. That is why we at Manufakturplus have made it our task for the past 10 years to produce this special piece of design history with the highest quality standard in order to pay tribute to the original.

Jan Armgardt Lounger M1

Outstanding quality

With the Lounger M1 we continue the popular design coined by the German furniture designer Jan Armgardt. Leather with a natural finish attached to a sturdy frame made of oak wood – the hanging chair does not need more. It was important to us to accentuate the reduced design and simple finish because often brilliance is found in the simplicity of things. Manufakturplus stands for sustainable and outstanding quality. We prefer to use traditional manual production methods in order to meet these standards. In our case manual production also means the leather is sewed together without any reduction of the material. This way its full substance remains, which guarantees the desired durability. For special durability many spots of the leather are sewed by hand. Furthermore, our traditional production method at Manufakturplus supports small and local handicraft businesses. The production of our whole product range takes place solely in Germany. Some of our skins derive from breeders in Brandenburg, tanneries are located in Hesse and the production takes place in the Bavarian area. From breeding to the finished design classic – made in Germany.

Biobüffel Marke Logo

The brand “organic buffalo leather“ formed a new branch at Manufakturplus in 2017 because since then we have been producing worldwide unique covers for our products made of organic buffalo leather in close cooperation with the organic buffalo farm Bobalis. The leather deriving from these robust animals is resistant, but soft and smooth at the same time. The Pure Wild products do not hide individual marks caused by natural fights among these gregarious animals, they show them intentionally. So “Pure Wild“ stands for a new, wild look of our classic.

Sustainable value added


We set great store by sustainability and carry the love for nature deeply in our hearts. That is why our material is purely vegetable tanned according to applicable standards. We use the leather‘s full substance because appreciative material usage is important to us. In addition to that every product is certified REACH.


It stands for “Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals“ and guarantees high transparency in the supply chain, better information for the customer and avoidance of hazardous substances. All of our products are Pure Natural, we preserve the leather‘s unique beauty and bring out as much nature as possible.