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Natürliches Leder

Pure Natural

How much nature should it be? 

How much nature should it be? For us the answer is evident: As much as possible. The “Pure Natural“ product series consists of real organic buffalo leather by Manufakturplus which remains as natural as possible. To show the unique beauty of our materials we use almost everything that nature has to offer. Because of our material selection we obtain authentic leather without any artificial additives. In our case also visible neck folds, darker patches or scars on the skin are not a criterion for exclusion - they are individual marks that life has left on the animals and consequently on the leather. Therefore, they are part of the unique history of the new piece of furniture.

pure wild leder 4

Vegetable organic buffalo leather

The used organic buffalo leather derives from the organic buffalo farm Bobalis where the owner Henri Henrion and his staff keep about 200 buffalos with great care and in accordance with organic standards. In order to complete the value chain Manufakturplus initiated the cooperation with Bobalis a few years ago. Since then we have been using the precious water buffalo skins for our worldwide unique organic buffalo leather. The tanning takes place in a small Hessian factory. Of course material-friendly and eco-friendly processing is important to us. Hence, the organic buffalo skins are used in their full substance and purely vegetable tanned – just Pure Natural.

Naturally processed

Then the skins are colored, retanned and tumbled. Another characteristic of our Pure Natural leather: The leather is not sealed as otherwise customary. It remains open-pored and breathable, which results in a unique seating comfort. The patina, which develops over time, turns your precious furniture into a unique piece. Over time it will also change its color due to the effect of light and humidity. We are convinced of this completely natural process and think it is beautiful. Because of our natural treatment the premium leather will be fully compostable at the end of its lifetime, which proves its sustainability.