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Organic buffalo organizer

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MALUMA Notebook Organizer Leder

The premium all-purpose portfolio

The new organic buffalo organizer is the classy all-purpose portfolio for your papers – from work notes to drawing paper. With the help of the elaborate clip system loose or non-perforated sheets of paper are now a thing of the past. Furthermore, the premium leather binding, which is of the usual MANUFAKTURPLUS quality, makes an excellent impression in every situation.

Maluma Notebook aus Leder
Maluma Notebook aus Leder
Maluma Notebook aus Leder
Maluma Allzweckportfolio Leder

Every format is possible – the organic buffalo organizer is customized

The organic buffalo organizer is not only available in common DIN formats (A4, A5) but of course also in customized formats according to your wishes. You are not limited. The portfolio supports you perfectly by clipping your papers. You can add and remove worksheets without any effort by removing the particular clip and managing the papers.
By using the organic buffalo organizer messy portfolios and blocked punchers will be things of the past. But what about small-sized papers like business cards or photos of your beloved ones? We have also considered that and incorporated useful, small inner pockets so that everything is handy whenever you need it. If the clips are unexpectedly not in accordance with your wishes, the portfolio, which is reinforced on the inside, is also available without clips. This way you are able to attach your calendar or drawing book to the inner flaps and work over the whole width without interruption.

High-quality and classy leather

The organic buffalo organizer made of aniline/semi-aniline leather or pigmented sleek leather is available with a thickness of 0.9 to 1.2 millimeters. Aniline leather is an open-pored sleek leather without any pigment layer. It has a very warm and soft feel of the surface. Because of the aniline leather’s low resisance against stains and discolorations we recommend semi-aniline leather for heavy use. This leather is protected by a light pigment coating which does not conceal the natural grain but increases the resistance against staining. But the feel is still pleasant and soft. Pigmented sleek leather is the right choice for your organic buffalo organizer in case of very intensive usage like in public areas for example. This leather type receives a coating and protective layer which increase the leather’s resistance immensely. But due to this coating the leather’s breathability dwindles away for technical reasons. The surface feel is smooth and cool. MANUFAKTURPLUS offers the organic buffalo organizer in numerous colors so that you can also find the right color. For further customization we can engrave your name, logo or every other motive on the leather by using laser. This way your organic buffalo organizer turns into a real unique item – also an ideal present.