Lounger von Jan Armgardt
Lounger M1

Lounger M1

Classy & sustainable lounger

Lounger M1 vom Designer Jan Armgardt

“I am interested in furniture that conveys durability“ - Jan Armgardt

In addition to the bestsellers like the well-known Tattomi lounger, the name Jan Armgardt stands for timeless designs and organic visions in terms of furniture construction. Through his experimental “furniture made of paper“ he communicates the concept of sustainability like no one else in the world of furniture. We have been friends with the reowned designer for many years. Same beliefs and mindsets already sparked excitement for an inspiring cooperation a long time ago. We proudly present the realization: The LOUNGER M1.

The common goal: Durable, organic furniture

From design to material selection and production process, the demand for ecology and sustainability runs like a common thread through Jan Armgardt's works. For us this hits the nail on the head: Our products are characterized by natural processing and appreciative material usage. Small handicraft businesses are responsible for production and use traditional production processes. The products are “Made in Germany“ through and through. The organic buffalo leather® for the LOUNGER M1 derives from German breeders who raise their animals in herds in large pastures and in accordance with organic standards.

Classy effortlessness: The LOUNGER M1

The designer chose leather and wood, downright archaic material, for the realization of his reduced, timeless design. The solid oak wood from German forests gives the chair a stable frame which is very easy to assemble by yourself. The handmade hanging seat made of our “Pure Natural“ leather or robust canvas adapts to its user and turns the seating furniture into a hammock suitable for everyday use. So the LOUNGER M1 emphasizes another common concern: The usability. “I don’t design anything to just look at it. A chair should be comfortable to sit on“, the award-winning designer explains.


Natural, classy, high-quality

We love perfected design

At MANUFAKTURPLUS we love perfected design, swear by professional craftsmanship and feel obliged to adopt a responsible attitude towards nature. Therefore, we devote special attention to ecological material selection, support German craftsmanship and strive for perfection down to the last detail. We produce our high-quality products based on this concept.


Leather with a natural finish attached to a sturdy frame made of oak wood – the Lounger M1 by Manufakturplus does not need more. It was important to us to accentuate the reduced design and simple finish because often brilliance is found in the simplicity of things. Therefore, the handmade hanging seat with its distinctive design is not only a visible contrast to the fast moving and vivid outside world but also focuses on the user in terms of functionality by providing pleasant seating comfort due to its simple, ergonomic form.
We at Manufakturplus have realized that the high quality of products derives from the high quality of used materials. To us it does not only mean exclusiveness when it comes to raw material selection but also the appreciation of nature. So it goes without saying that solid fabrics, handmade PURE-NATURAL leather as well as the unique organic buffalo leather are used for the Lounger M1.

The oak wood used for the solid frame derives from sustainable German forestry and is available in different colors. The frame is freely combinable with our hanging seat made of selected natural materials: Our “Pure Natural“ leather is purely vegetable tanned and without unnecessary additives. We value the gifts of nature – so among other things, we use the full substance of our organic buffalo leather® with a special thickness of up to 7 millimeters. The cover made of coarse canvas is also load-bearing. It is strong cotton fabric with a material weight of 650g/m².

Our love for perfected design and professional craftsmanship combined with a responsible attitude towards nature characterize the Lounger M1. Focus on these values as well – sit down on our new lounger.

Rocking Chair M1

Stylish comfort

To relax in style - the new  Rocking Chair M1 by Manufakturplus. The Rocking Chair M1  share the same frame as the Lounger M1 except adapted curved hooves to allow the M1 a slight rocking motion.

Jan Armgardt M1 Schaukler

Available colors

Design in cooperation with JAN ARMGARDT

Organic buffalo leather
Frame: oak natural oiled


Saddle leather
Frame: smoked oak


Vintage leather
Frame: oak black


Natural leather
Frame: oak black

Jan Armgardt M1 Lounger

Pure Cotton
Frame: whitewashed oak